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Here at Event Production Studios we pride ourselves in our mix of creative and professional abilities. Our extremely talented team have over 30 yrs of design and illustration experience.

When you commission our services, we will produced detailed visuals showing you how the finished job will appear and we can suggest and help you with all types of designs for your creative project.

From initial concept design right through to final, fabricated production and installation, we can guarantee you a creative service that is second-to-none.


Above is a working visual in Photoshop, not only for the client - GLAMOUR Magazine - but for our own reference to assist us with scaling, fabrication and installation of the very large Shimmer Wall.


Below shows a client visual for approval of 'Foxy'. This image was used as reference, not only to cut on our CNC Machine, but for final decorative painting once all the pieces were assembled together.


Below shows Outline Artwork in Adobe illustrator for our 'Woodland Creatures' themed birthday party.

These outlines will be exported and sent to the CNC machine where they will be cut from MDF.


Images like these shown will be sent to the client because of course, we all want to know how the job is progressing!

The client is always kept within the 'creative loop' from start to completion because we believe that it's vital that You know what you are going to get.

Our creative specialists have been producing artwork for many years and take great pride in what they do. Wether it's the original thumbnail sketch, the Photoshop client visual or the finished, installed piece, our devotion to the client to bring 100% at All times is such an incredibly important part of what we do

I do hope you enjoy looking over just a small part of what we are capable of achieving. And we hope it has inspired you to contact us​.

Studio-Wall-5 VEGAS.jpg


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