We have added a state-of-the-art CNC Machine to our arsenal of tools here at EPS.

The CNC machine - or 'Florence' (the machine) as she is fondly known - allows us to produce all types of creative artwork and cut, 3D Carve or Engrave to MDF and a variety of plastics & foam.


Here you can see Florence cutting these separate sections for our Woodland Characters themed party artwork. You can see the finished, assembled & painted pieces in our PORTFOLIO page.


First the Artwork is drawn in Adobe Illustrator as an outline. This artwork is then saved-out from the iMac and brought into VCarve software for set-up and then finally Mach3 software on our PC where it is then sent to Florence so she can do her thing - and believe me - she does it very well indeed!

Follow this PORTFOLIO LINK to see more of our work.