About Our Team & Services

We are a Small, family business with the ability to realise Big ideas.

For over 30 years, our talented and incredibly creative team, have been designing, building, painting, airbrushing and creating for the Leisure & Corporate Industries.


We take enormous pride in the precision of our work from original ideas at thumbnail sketch stage, through to digital visuals and designs on Apple Mac systems to a final, creative mixture of

hand-building and hand-painting our pieces married with the technology of our wonderful

CNC carving & cutting machine which we added to the business recently. 

So if you have any requirements for Props, Themed Events or Themed Parties, Murals,

Designs, Signage, 3D Lettering, Wall Graphics or Displays - Please contact us.

We Love What We Do - We Would Love to Help You

· Please contact us if you are interested in any of our creative services ·

Murals - Theming - Props - Events - Parties

email us at:  info@eventproductionstudios.com

We are based in Roydon, Essex, London, UK